Hardwood flooring options for your home

No matter how many floors you’re covering, hardwood flooring is a material that’s easy to fall in love with. It’s stunning elegance, timeless trends, and extensive lifespan make it a popular material for many homes across the country. If you’ve never experienced this floor covering in your home, read along to find out more.

There are many options included in choosing wood floors for your home. But there are plenty of advantages as well. Some of them, you might not even be aware of, so be sure you take the time to get to know more about this floor covering and everything it has to offer.

Choosing your hardwood flooring is easy

Once you decide to dive into hardwood for your floors, you will start by choosing a perfect species for your lifestyle. Harder woods such as oak, are ideal for areas that take on high levels of traffic, especially with pets and children. Those areas that experience lesser traffic can tolerate a softer wood.

You’ll love the durability that comes with these materials, especially when choosing a proper sealant. Your flooring professional will discuss options such as wax and water-based sealants, as well as others that might better suit your needs. Each one has characteristics that may make it better for your specific usage.

One of the things that allow these floors to have a lifespan of more than 100 years is the fact that they can be refinished. Once the decades of wear have been stripped away, we add a fresh new stain color and finish. Many homeowners choose to change them to meet changing décor needs, or just to have something a little different.

It’s important to note that solid wood is not a good option for basement rooms. However, engineered wood flooring is a great alternative. If you’d like more information about these outstanding materials, feel free to visit us when you’re in the area.

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