What makes carpet flooring pet-friendly?

What makes carpet flooring pet-friendly?

When you shop for carpeting in a home with pet residents, you need to consider durability. In addition, you need to consider stain resistance and easy cleanability.

Lucky for us, modern technology has enabled mills to develop carpets with extra durability and stain resistance. There are even many, as you'll see in our showroom, that have pet warranties.

Meanwhile, here are some things to consider.

Fiber: the most crucial decision you'll make

Fiber is the foundation of a rug; it is the material from which the yarns are made.

You’ll see many fibers in our carpet store, but the best choices are nylon, wool, triexta, and olefin.

Nylon is ultra strong and has excellent resiliency. It also has superior stain resistance when combined with a protectant. This is ideal for busy, active families and heavily trafficked areas.

Wool is natural and durable, with excellent resiliency and fire retardant. In addition, it is naturally soil resistant and, because of its natural state, is chemical and toxin free without VOCs (volatile organic compounds.)

Triexta is known for strength and permanent stain resistance built into the fiber. Olefin is resistant to stains, static, soil, pilling,e mildew, making it a durable floor covering for big, messy, active pets.

Polyester has superior stain resistance but is best for moderately busy rooms in homes without pets.

Pile height and style affect durability

There are many styles, including loops, cut-piles, and various fiber heights. Low piles have a smooth, even surface that makes the rug more durable.

It also makes cleaning a breeze. Looped carpeting with short, tightly woven fibers are also acceptable.

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